Sending a Claimed Ordinal

When sending your Ordinal, which you restored in your Unisat wallet, you may encounter an error that you do not have enough balance to pay for the network fees. This means you don't have enough bitcoin, aside from your ordinal, to pay the network fee.

Start by entering the correct Recipient address you want to send Ordinal. Carefully check you have the correct address, as you can lose your Ordinal if you send it to the wrong address.

Follow the procedure to adjust OutputValue and Fees so you can send Ordinal with sats you have in your restored Unisat wallet:

  1. Click “Custom” button under “OutputValue”.

  2. Lower the amount you are sending to 546.

  3. Finally, choose an appropriate Fee rate. You should be able to choose Average or Fast rates depending on network congestion. You can now press "Next"

Note: If you wish to transfer the entire amount of spare sats along with the Ordinal, you can increase the value in Step 2 until there are no more sats left over. It is a fine balance as network fees change and the leftover amount changes. You increase the value until the "Next" button allows you to proceed with no error.

Finally, "Sign & Pay" to transmit to the network:

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