Un-vaulting an Ordinal

Ethereum vaulted Ordinals are no longer tradable on Ordinals Market, but you can still un-vault them to continue listing/trading.

The following guide will walk you through the steps in cracking open your vault, claiming the inscription, and moving it to full self-custody in Unisat wallet. We'll then walk through how to list it for sale on Ordinals Market.

Cracking open the vault

  1. Visit Emblem Vault's "My Vault's" Page and connect your Ethereum Wallet.

  1. Click on Approve Minting and approve the transaction from your wallet. Note: Sometimes, you can skip this step and move directly to step 4.

  1. Click Unlock Vault (Get Private Keys) and again approve the transaction from your wallet. You may need to wait a moment for this process to complete.

  1. At this point your ERC-721 vault token has been burned and is no longer tradable on ETH NFT Marketplaces. The page should refresh and you should now see a Get Keys button. If the page has not refreshed, you can click again on the My Vaults button in the main menu, and this time, choose Unlocked from the sub-menu, where your newly cracked open vault will now be displayed.

Note: In some instances, you may get a "Malformed UTF-8 data" error. This happens on some older legacy Emblem Vaults.

If you get this error, you will have to open a support ticket on Emblem Finance discord server. Please open a ticket and explain the error.

They will fix it from their side and you can continue.

Importing the vault mnemonic phrase into Unisat and re-listing your Ordinal for sale on Ordinals Market

You are now ready to import the mnemonic phrase copied above into a new Bitcoin wallet. For this tutorial, we'll be using the Unisat Chrome extension.

  1. Ensure that Unisat is downloaded and accessible in your Chrome browser.

  2. Click the Unisat extension to open it. Click "I already have a wallet" and choose a password. You will use this password to access the Unisat wallet. Continue to Step 3. Note: If you already have an existing wallet on Unisat, you can create another wallet to import mnemonic phrase:




  1. In the screen "Choose a wallet you want to restore from" click "Other Wallet"

  1. Paste in the 12-word mnemonic phrase from this guide and click on the address type containing your inscription. At this step, it is fine if it is in a Legacy address.

  1. Your wallet is now ready for trading on Ordinals Market! Visit Ordinals Market's Portfolio Page, and click "Connect Wallet." Then click "Bitcoin" and then "Unisat."

    1. Note: if your inscription is held in "address-type" native or nested segwit, you must transfer it to the taproot address in your Unisat wallet before it is tradable. Ordinals Market will soon add support for native and nested segwit address types.

Warning: the seed phrase containing this Ordinal has been accessed by Emblem Vault. We highly recommend you generate a new wallet (seed phrase) and send your Ordinal to the new address generated from that wallet. You can send your Ordinal to a new Unisat Wallet, Xverse, or Hiro.

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